Tiny House / Cabin Move and Setup Vlog002

Tiny House / Cabin Move and Setup Vlog002

Here is a pro tip: never decide on September 15th that it's a good idea to build a tiny cabin, and have it moved before the snow comes in Maine. After what can only be called a "sprint", we got our tiny cabin buttoned up and ready to be moved about a week before the snow hit in earnest. A lot of late nights and missed weekends, but we get it completed and moved!

The tiny house move was actually the third attempt. We did not build ours on wheels itself as we knew it would serve as a "base camp" bunkhouse for the winter. Thus, we were at the mercy of finding and hiring someone with a large trailer to move it for us. Our first two vendors canceled at the last minute, but the third came through for us at the 11th hour. It was amazing how quickly they loaded and unloaded the off grid cabin. 

A couple of years ago we had purchased some acreage in the high peaks region of Maine near Sugarloaf ski resort, and until now had been sleeping in tents. That arrangement is fine in the summer, but in the winter it can really wear on you, and skiing should be fun! Having a warm, cozy, off grid cabin is a large part of that. 

In this video you'll see the cabin get moved, the setup of the kitchen, the un-boxing and setup of an Ikea Norden folding table, and of course a little bit of skiing. Very much looking forward to spending more time up there this winter and even over the holidays! 

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