Welcome to the Lucid Ski Store

Lucid is excited to announce that the company has been acquired by the original owner and founder, Ian Reinholt. The new shop will be in production February 2023. The company vision is to offer educational ski making workshops and to create a limited number of custom order skis each season.

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Our skis are handmade using sustainable epoxy and Maine sourced wood.  Please... 


Lucid Ski Hats - keep your noggin warm and your wild hair... 

  • Harvester

    Wide skis for bottomless powder or the day after crud, these boards will give you a ride as smooth as butter. Designed with the east coast skier in mind, its high torsional stiffness will keep an edge on the iciest of slopes. Harvest whatever mother nature has to offer.

  • Cannon

    A big mountain action ski. Designed for aggressive high speed charging through all conditions. Amazing carver on the groomers and wide enough to devour crud and shred the powder. Light swing weight for bumps and trees and tracks like a bullet at high speed.

  • Trip

    Backcountry touring ski. Into the wild. Super durable and light, these skis will go the extra mile. Specially designed for trekking into the backcountry as A/T or telemark. Strong enough to support you and your gear with an even flex to navigate the most formidable terrain.