A Little Something About Us

Ian Reinholt had a dream to create the perfect ski using Maine hardwoods. He teamed up with Nick Mukai to follow this dream and together they created skis and snowboards that are responsive in all terrain levels and snow conditions.

The Beginnings

Ian and Nick started Lucid SkisLucid Skis was started in Kingfield Maine in 2009. Rigorous research development and testing of the skis in New England’s fiercest snow conditions were done for the next two years. The result was the creation of three models of skis that excel on powder, groomed trails, bumps, crud, and ice. 


What’s Happening Nowadays

In the summer of 2015 Lucid Skis took on three new partners into the mix and relocated into a new shop in Gray, Maine. These new partners; Ej Martin, Corey Kelkenberg and Travis Legassie bring a wide array of talents to the team. Lucid Skis is dedicated to offering educational, work shadowing and apprenticeship opportunities to people of all ages whenever possible. Lucid Skis continues to source only sustainably harvested lumber most of which comes from the great state of Maine. The team is revving up for what promises to be a productive and powder filled season.

Our Plans in the Future

On the drawing board, Lucid Skis has a narrower; more race oriented model as well as an ultra-wide, pure powder ski. We're also rolling out our new 156cm size of our popular models. Lucid Skis is currently in the prototype phase of their Dream series which will be available in all current models, utilizing tri-axial hickory veneer to replace the skis fiberglass with the option for hickory bases as well. The Dream series raises the all wood ski to the same performance standards as today’s most modern skis. Lucid is also exploring the possibilities of offering workshops for those of you who are interested in learning more about the ski making process and want to put some of your own handy work into your boards.