Smuggler's Notch Brew Fest and Skiing Weekend Vlog003

Smuggler's Notch Brew Fest and Skiing Weekend Vlog003

Early season skiing can be rough. Around early October, you start getting "the itch", the temperatures drop, you start digging out your winter gear, and you "feel" like it could snow it any moment. And of course you start eyeballing the weather report trying to estimate when you'll make your first ski trips of the season. 

For the last few years we've had our own special early season ski tradition: a trip to Smuggler's Notch in Vermont in early December for some skiing and a brew fest they host. We found this deal about 4 years ago; the mountain puts together a long weekend package that includes your condo, three days of ski passes and tickets to a brew festival for right around $200 a person. Not cheap, but very reasonable for a ski weekend away.

Vermont itself holds a very special place in my heart. I often joke that Maine is my home, but Vermont is the one that got away. Just 4 short hours from Maine; the ski terrain is steeper, the snow patterns are different and the Apres has a completely different vibe. Parking lot beers with strangers? Yes, please. 

It was during one of these trips where Travis learned to ski, and only a couple years later was willing to get involved with Lucid. So in a lot of ways we can trace our roots back to Smuggler's Notch and this specific weekend. We hope you enjoy the video!

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