Snowshoeing with Dogs, Vlog004

Snowshoeing with Dogs, Vlog004

For Christmas this year we were able to spend some much needed down time with family and friends, and we were rewarded with over a foot of snow on Christmas day! While our plans kept us off the slopes, we knew we had to had to get out and play in this fresh snow!

One advantage of not heading off to go skiing was that we'd be able to enjoy that fresh snow with our three dogs. Mari; our 13 year old golden retriever, Tibi our 8 year old golden retriever and Rouge our 4 year old standard poodle. All three love the snow, and when we bring the snowshoes out of the gear closet, start running around excitedly; they know what is up!

My girlfriend owns her own dog grooming business and wants to start making YouTube videos of different dog grooming techniques; but from the dog's prospective. And, wouldn't you know it, Santa was kind enough to get her a GoPro setup for the dogs. We decided to give it a go in the fresh snow. 

Behind our house is a network of hiking trails that go on for 3-4 miles and when we looked out our window, we realized that not a single person had yet been on them. The video shows the poodle taking the lead and "breaking the trail" as she bounds through the fresh powder. 

We know this isn't skiing or ski making, but we love all adventures in the snow. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did making it. 

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