Lucid Skis are designed with the east coast skier in mind who endures through all weather and snow conditions. Lucid Skis and Snowboards perform in whatever Mother Nature offers us: occasional deep fluffy powder, wet heavy snowfall, sandy ice pellets, corduroy, frozen hard pack, and more.

The construction philosophy at Lucid Skis is to derive as many performance aspects as possible from the core. The main focus is on the wood’s intrinsic qualities and locating them strategically in the core lamination for maximum utilization. Hornbeam, hickory, black locust or rock maple make up the sidewalls and play key roles in the core lamination. The sidewall is continuous grain that follows the same arc as the skis side-cut. It transmits the force and energy from the edge to the rest of the ski. The woods hardness and strength provides amazing stability and edge hold. Basswood is ultra-light, has incredible dampening qualities and makes up 50% of the core. It is a dampening layer between the sidewalls and the rest of the core. It is as light as commonly used spruce but has a tight closed grain that resists glue saturation. Glue saturation will add weight and make the wood brittle. Straight down the center of the core are two ribs of white ash. Ash gives the ski its spring, strength and transmits ski sensation to the boot. It also provides superior flexibility without compromising strength.