Lucid Brand Ambassador

Become a Brand Ambassador for Lucid Skis!

We are looking for dedicated, talented and charismatic individuals to help represent Lucid Skis.

At Lucid we’re known for the naturally beautiful wood veneer tops and sidewalls but the brand itself is more than that. The name “Lucid Skis” comes from the realization that when you are passionate about something you think about it all the time; it creeps into your dreams. That’s what we’re about at our core: absolute passion in the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle. As an ambassador we want you to not only rep our brand, but also your outdoor way of life and adventures.

We’re searching for Skiers and Snowboarders who consider the outdoors their sanctuary, mountains their home and après beverages with friends not to be missed. You must also be dedicated to increasing the exposure of Lucid Skis while promoting yourself in the process.


To become a Lucid Skis Ambassador, you’ll need to be willing or already doing the following things;

  • Be living and/or working in the outdoors industry. We prefer skiers and riders but are willing to entertain requests from other enthusiasts like backpackers, mountaineers or people involved in other outdoor sports.
  • We need you to help spread the word! You’ll be expected to create interesting and engaging content showcasing your adventures and our products.
  • Be featured on our social media.
  • Understand or already have connections to outdoor marketing industry.
  • Have the required equipment to capture high quality images and video.
  • Be willing to share your adventures via your personal and Lucid Skis’ Social media outlets.
  • Participate in demo or other promotional activities within your area.
  • As a brand ambassador it is understood that you would be an independent consultant to Lucid Skis and not an employee.


Once you’re selected to be an ambassador, you’ll receive;

  • A pair of Lucid Skis (or snowboard) of your choice! Yours to keep so long as certain milestones are met
  • Lucid SWAG like hats, t-shirts etc.
  • Business cards with your contact information and unique sales code so we can track your sales efforts.
  • 5-10% commission on sales you generate via your efforts.
  • The opportunity to increase your own online and local mountain profile via your association with our brand


To apply to become an ambassador, please send an email to: with the following information;

  • Full name / nickname
  • Contact phone number and email
  • Are you a skier/snowboarder/tele?
  • Name of the resort where you ski/ride the most?
  • Experience in the outdoor industry?
  • Social Media details; Facebook, Instagram
  • Tell us more about you / why should we choose you to be a Lucid Ambassador?