Every Lucid Ski core is made from materials that are harvested from the Maine Woods using sustainable methods. This ensures the sustainability and the quality of the product over the long term.

All Lucid Skis are made using a vertically laminated ash and bass wood core with hornbeam, hickory, rock maple orLucid Skis, Wood Cores black locust sidewalls. Each of these woods is selected for their specific characteristics. Ash, high strength to weight ratio and very flexible with good memory. Bass wood, very lightweight, flexible with tight closed grain. The woods used for the side walls are flexible and extremely hard. Only the highest quality flawless pieces of lumber are used. These woods make up the heart of a ski that is lively, stable, light weight and has exceptional edge hold. The core is sandwiched between two layers of tri-axial fiberglass using a specially designed epoxy. The fiberglass reinforces the core and gives the ski its torsional rigidity. The bases are ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and the edges high carbon, hardened steel. The top sheet is beautiful, native, birds-eye, rock maple veneer or may be custom ordered. Every pair is finished with clear U.V. protective marine epoxy, wet sanded and wax polished. At any point your skis base, edges and finish can be restored to brand new condition by utilizing Lucid Skis refinishing service.